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Can you update the design of a website that you didn't build?

Yes, we can redesign your website!

How does the website design process work?

Once we’ve scheduled a design week, we will work on your website exclusively for those 5 days. We will send you a creative brief for you to have completed before the design week starts. This assignment will help us do the research necessary to create the best website for your demographic and industry. For the 5 days of the design week, you will work with our designer to provide information that will help us complete a beautiful website that you’ll love. The website, depending on the design, usually takes 7 to 10 business days for completion. This time frame can be communicated best once we have specific details for the project.

What will you need from me to get started on a websited design?

We will need a retainer to add you to the calendar, that guarantees the time we’ll put aside to work exclusively on your project. Once the retainer(nonrefundable) is paid we will schedule a design week that works best for you to assist our designer and provide feedback as quickly as possible.